sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Hajime Kimura - Man and Dog

According to the Ministry of Health white paper in Japan, cancer is the worst cause of death since 1981 and now over 300,000 people is gone a year. 

Moreover, men who can get cancer in their lifetime is one in two, women is one in three, is estimated. In addition, the number of death by cancer, the risk of developing cancer is greater by age, which is estimated that it will continue to increase more and more for the future if aging will be continuing.

"I just worry about my dog." A man who caught stomach cancer without his notice has been saying so on the hospital bed until just prior his end. The man, 69 who was wifeless retired his company 7years ago and began to have a black dog 3years ago.

In his case, it was too late to check up and operate. His cancer has already spread his whole body. And he was weaker and thinner as day was passed by. His wife also passed way 13years ago by lung cancer. Since that he promised that he would be alive stably and solitary with all his might.

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